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Admired photographers (still updating.  I am not only inspired by their photographs but also by their awareness about environments and determination to preserve environments)

    Galen Rowell

    Franz Lanting

    Joe Cornish

    Jack Dykinga

    Michael Kenna

    William Neil

    John Shaw: his books on macro and landscape photography really helped me rediscover photography as my passion.  I accidentally met him at a vista point in San Juan Mountain shooting Fall colors in 2003. 

    Thomas D. Mangelsen: I have been to his galleries in La Jolla, Vegas and Jackson hole.  I was really inspired by his great depiction of wild animals in their natural environments.  Fortunately, I met him in person while shooting wildflowers in peak year 2003.  A nice person.)
    John Sexton

    Jim Brandemburg

Everything about photography


Digital Photography:

    Dpreview.gifDPReview:    Nice reviews about digital cameras and forum covering a wide variety of topics, including famous bashing wars between Canon vs. Nikon or others.  My taking: reading too much into the forum may lead to worrying about pixel counting, back or front focusing, etc. instead of going out to take good pictures.  People having no problem with their camera system, like me, do not bother posting how great their camera system is. For me, as long as I order my camera through reputable venders with good return and exchange policy, I run a test and that is it.  How often do I use the maximal aperture or shoot directly at sun with 1/8000 anyway?.

    Digital Outback Photo: Nice reviews about digital cameras and programs, techniques.

Shooting Locations

    Photo Travel: also contains extensive links to fall color, wildflower links in different states in US.

    Wildflowers in CA

    Fall Color in CA
    DesertUSA wildflower updates
    Wild Things Photography
    Adventure Hikes and Canyoneering in the Southwest
    Photo Travel USA (American Southwest Shooting Locations)
    Slot Canyons of the American Southwest

Photography Magazines

    Outdoor Photographer


    Black and White Photography (UK)

    Outdoor Photography (UK)

    Nature's Best Photography


Free Computer Advices

    Ars Technica: It recommends the best updated computer components depending on different budget levels: God Box, Hot Box, and Budget Box.

    ComputorEdge: Free weekly paper version can be picked up in San Diego, CA and in Colorado.

Camcorder Review